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Ceresit CT 81 

Лепило за плочи от експандиран пенополистирен (EPS)



  • Икономична употреба
  • Отлична адхезия
  • Устойчив на атмосферни условия


Чанти от 25 кг


Ceresit CT 81 е част от топлоизолационната система Ceresit Popular. Той е предназначен за лепене на експандирани полистиролни (EPS) плоскости за топлоизолиране на сгради. CT 81 се използва, както при новопостроени обекти, така и върху стари фасади, подлежащи на ремонт. За да прилепнат напълно ЕPS плоскостите е необходимо допълнително фиксиране с помощта на механични анкери.

Стъпка по стъпка

Preparation of the substrate

CT 81 has very good adhesion to sound and carrying substrates, such as wall, plaster and cement substrates free from grease, bitumen, dust and other substances decreasing  adhesion. The adhesion to the existing plasters and paint coatings should be checked before starting the application. ”Hollow” plasters should be removed. Any losses and uneven surfaces of the substrate should be filled or covered with cement plaster. Any surface contaminant and other adhesion impairing substances, steam-tight paint coatings and the coats with low adhesion to the substrate should be completely removed, e.g. by means of washing devices operating under pressure.
Substrates with high water absorption, e.g. walls made of aerated concrete blocks or silicate blocks should be primed with CT 17 and left for drying for at least 4  hours. Before fixing EPS-boards the adhesion of the mortar should be checked by fix polystyrene boards (10x10 cm) to the prepared substrate and tear them of after 2-3 days.

Preparation of the adhesive mortar

CT 81 should be poured into the measured amount of cool clean water and stirred with the drill by means of a mixer until the homogenous mass is obtained without lumps. The ready mortar should be applied with a trowel along the board edges forming a strip of 3-4 cm wide and a few spots with the diameter of approx. 8 cm.

Installation of the insulation boards

The board should be pressed to the wall with a few slight blows of a long float. The properly applied mortar when pressed should cover minimum 40% of its surface. When CT 83 is set (after approx. 2 days), any unevenness of the boards should be ground with abrasive paper, then the boards should be additionally reinforced with mechanical anchors.

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