Основни факти

Ceresit CX 15
Монтажен цимент


• бързо втвърдяване
• не се свива и не създава вътрешни напрежение
• устойчив на соли
• без хлориди и алуминиев цимент
• мразо- и водоустойчив


За фугиране около машинни фундаменти. За закрепяне на тежки стоманени елементи във бетон. За запълвaне на фугите между предварително изготвени бетонни елементи.


прибл. 1,8 kg/l обем на кухината


Торби от 25 кг.

Step By Step

Substrate preparation

CX 15 adheres to solid, load-bearing, clean and moist concrete free of substances which may impair adhesion. The surface must be open-pored, rough and have a good keying structure. Mechanically remove any dirt. Thoroughly pre-wet the concrete, but free of puddles, in two operations with an interval of two hours.


Add 25 kg of CX 15 to approx. 2 l of clean water and premix with a compulsory-type mixer or electric drill with stirrer attachment until completely free of lumps. Then add the remaining water until the appropriate consistency is reached and mix for a further 5 minutes. Apply the mortar within 60 minutes. Observe a minimum clearance of 20 mm at every point of the anchoring or of the cavity to be grouted to ensure cavity-free compaction. Protect fresh mortar against too rapid drying and keep damp for at least 48 hours.

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