Основни факти

Ceresit CT 82

Лепилo – шпакловка за плочи от експандиран пенополистирен (ЕPS)



  • Oтлична гъвкавост и издръжливост
  • Добра адхезия
  • Устойчив на атмосферни условия


Кофи от 25 кг


Ceresit CT 82 е част от топлоизолационната система Ceresit Popular и е предназначен за лепене и шпакловане на експандирани полистиролни (EPS) плоскости за топлоизолиране на сгради.

Стъпка по стъпка

Substrate preparation

Preparing the reinforced layer - after the adhesive set in (after 2-3 days) boards should be treated with sandpaper and additionally fixed using mechanical anchors.

Mortar preparation and application

CT 82 should be poured into measured amount of cool clean water and stirred with the drill by means of a mixer until the homogenous mass is obtained without lumps. Preparing the reinforced layer prepared mortar should be applied 2-3 mm layer on EPS-boards using a trowel. On fresh layer glass fibre mesh should be set (10 cm overlaps should be kept).

Filling the mesh

In the next step, the freshly applied mesh, which has been immersed in the adhesive mortar layer, should be thoroughly smoothened with a long steel float.

The next layer can be applied (thickness 1 mm) and smoothed in order to completely hide the reinforcement mesh.